Living Microgreens Home subscription:

Monthly home subscription with weekly delivery year-round—


monthly subscription includes:

*A variety-pack of Living Microgreens delivered each week in reusable food safe trays.

*Access to new varieties exclusive for CSA members.

*Nutritional information & Recipe ideas.

*flexible pick-up location or delivery option (within city limits or on delivery route).

—Durango (thursdays)

—Mancos (wednesdays)

—Cortez (wednesdays)

Living Microgreens weekly shares:

1/4 share (2-squares)

1/2 share (4-squares)

Full share (8-squares)

*Each square is 5”X 5”

Please click the link below with questions or to request your space in our weekly delivery.

we will complete your order with a welcome letter & your 1st mo.’s invoice. thank you!

Simple. Nutritious. Delicious.

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Enjoy your local, live, superfood with B.C. Micros!

Today’s food supply lacks the living enzymes that are known for daily healing that our bodies need. Enzymes help with energy and clarity we often do not even know we are missing. We offer this product as a convenient way for the modern home to have living produce again!

Your Counter-Top Garden just needs ambient light, a little water, and love, lasting beautifully throughout the week. our customers love the fresh flair they add to most everything for health and enjoyment..often commenting that they were not sure how they ever went without this fun, fresh, colorful, flavorful, NUTRITION!

Try for yourself!