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LIVING PRODUCE: living vitamins & living enzymes~STRAIGHT FROM LIFE SOURCE TO PLATE! 

Living Microgreens are vegetables and herbs grown to a seedling stage, compact in a small package but packed with more nutrients than full grown veggies, living enzymes, chlorophyll, color, and flavor! 


Research has shown the seedling to be up to 40X more nutrient-dense than each of their adult counterparts.

Microgreens contain Vitamin A, C, E, K, B, lutein, beta-carotene, chlorophyll, 60+ trace minerals, live enzymes, thousands of phyto-chemicals & disease reversing compounds to enliven & super charge your body!


Live Produce=Life source:

The best part is they are live, allowing you to harvest as needed for the full benefits of healing and energy-giving live enzymes..your best source of fresh! Our living microgreens allow the modern home to have living enzymes available once again..the missing piece to today’s diet.

Live Microgreens also allow for longer shelf-life and not wasted cut as you need!

We grow the extra mile:

We grow our microGREENS on OMRI Certified Organic Hemp made just for microGREENS!  No Dirt in your kitchen or in your food! 

We use pure filtered water and quality organic and heirloom microGREEN seed!

We grow in food-safe grow trays!!

we offer reusable food safe packaging for our RESTAURANTS & csa, as well as RECYCLABLE/compostable packaging in thee marketplace!!