Botanical Companions (B.C) is Based out of Mancos, CO, providing Premium plant products and services to our local and extended communities since 2017!

Live is the freshest source!

direct from life-source to plate


What Sets B.C. Microgreens Apart


We grow in a clean year-round facility with pure sunshine, fresh air, purified water, and in food-grade trays.  We offer living microgreens and grow in a sterile dirt-free medium that has the best water retention.  Together, this provides the best shelf-life for delicious and beautiful microgreens all week long!


We are the 1st Established Microgreen Company in the region and have built great relationships with our local restaurants and homes for over two years.  Our experience lends to a reliable product that we know our customers need.


 We currently provide up to 30 different varieties and work direct with our customer’s and Chef's special requests.

Price Point

We do our best to have a competitive price for our quality living microgreens in order to meet your needs.  We know that you desire the most beautiful and flavorful garnishing for your plates while keeping your food cost down.


 Our company from the beginning has taken the extra step to value our customer's and environment's health with our food-grade system and no-waste model, avoiding single use plastic with all our microgreens! All Other products are offered in locally-sourced compostable packaging.


Inspire daily use of living plant's unparalleled vitality and beauty, a gift since the beginning.

liken thyself unto a sunflower
— Owner/Grower, Heather Rietz

the Founder of Botanical Companions had an unimaginable sun-shiny sustained energy experience~


She often described feeling like a sunflower when working at an organic farm, bringing fresh-cut produce home for preparation each day. 

Founder's Background

HR with Sunflowers.jpg

Founder’s Background:

Heather's roots began with her Grandmother Ellen's example of a whole & living food lifestyle. Grandma helped many in her community while also sustained a hospital-free long-lived life.

Having an innate passion for nature and wellness, Heather completed a Bachelor's in Science in Biology and Chemistry in 2008 at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO. She volunteered, worked, and operated an organic farm. She worked as a plant biologist with National Park Service and Private Environmental Consulting Firms specializing in local native and non-native plants. Additionally, she worked in laboratory settings performing soil, water and plant quality analysis.

Personal experience with live foods and grandmother's inspiration grew into the desire to serve the community with living beneficial plant products, thus the creation of Botanical Companions.